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Do you guarantee a job after course completion?

We have connections with several recruiting agencies and we prepare you with mock interviews, Github portfolio but we don't guarantee any job. Although you are allowed to re-attend the course.

What are the entrance requirements?

You have to attend at-least two free Prep sessions and pass a 30-minute test (you can use Google Search if you need to look for solutions).

Who are the instructors?

Shivgan Joshi is our main residential instructor available from 9AM-9PM, and we have other guest instructors from the relevant industry.

Shivgan Joshi on LinkedIn

Shivgan Joshi on YouTube

What is the teaching methodology?

Our group size is at the most 10-12 students with a goal to give personalized attention. Also, we have our in-house Teaching Assitant to help you in any problems that the students face, during the coursework. The students will be thought the basics and advanced topics relevant to the subject matter and students will need to complete projects every week. At the final stages of the course, students will have to complete a Capstone Project, which is based on real-life industry standard projects. All students will have the opportunity to set up and present all their work on their own GitHub repository.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay the fees in 3 equal installments.