Python Classes for Begineers

Python 101 Class NYC

Python 101: 3 hours
Group size: 3-4

Python 101 Course Outline

Intro to difference ways of running Python: Azure Notebooks, PyCharm, Google

Anaconda Book Print Hello World

Creating Functions (Arguments and Return)

Loops (For & While)

If else


After this course the learner will feel confident to create simple functions, loops and if else statement in Python.
The class is completely hands on from the starting. The learner will be deciding his data and function features which he will develop during the class and then at the end publish to his/her github account. For different level of learners our expert instructor will decide different project and will work with them.

Learner is required to bring Laptop with Chrome browser and have a Microsoft account to use Azure Notebooks online.

Expert instructor with courses on Udemy and extensive teaching experience.

See Udemy Course by the Instructor:

Alternatively you can also take small 2 hour courses:


Python 101 Intro to Python 
Create Azure Notebook Account (15 minutes)
Downloading Python Anaconda to your laptop
Intro to common terminology (AWS, Jupyter, Azure Notebook)
Hello World Practice, Variables, data types, functions, loops
Questions (Intro to adv features Part 2)
Python 102 
Numpy & Pandas
Importing from different sources, Cleaning Data & Handling Missing Data
Data Wrangling - Group by, Joins and Pivot
Python 103 
Intro to common Datasets (15 minutes)
Visualization from Matplotlib
User defined Functions and in built commands for Wrangling
Applying all to your dummy dataset / online dataset

* Easy Revision from the notebook