Blockchain 101 Course NYC

Step by step, this course explains how to analyze, trade and build your own Blockchain tokens. No programming experience is required. 70% of this workshop is gathering and researching Crypto data and 30% is programming for those who want to build their own Blockchain solutions. This helps you to build your way into Crypto investments. We will start from the basics of Blockchain and gradually build up your knowledge to create your own Ethereum token and trading strategies.

Using simple games and real life analogies, we explain how Blockchain is constructed and why it cannot be altered as time passes. Also we will build our own tools to automate the process of gathering and analyzing Crypto contracts and historical data.

We will examine and test a couple of Crypto trading strategies, using real world testing networks. Using Python and Solidity, we will build our own crypto data analytics and investment solutions. Even if you have no previous coding experience, our experienced instructors will guide you step by step so by the end of this workshop you would have your own Blockchain program.

You will learn:

Blockchain technology and terminology

Types of Cryptocurrencies/tokens

Tools to gather and analyze date

Create trading strategies based on buy/sell signals

Ethereum and Solidity

How to launch your own contracts and Crypto tokens

Build a working Blockchain project

Who should take this course?
Anybody interested in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. No previous programming or technical knowledge is required. Crypto investors and traders would benefit by understanding the fundamentals and techniques of Blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs and developers who are interested in launching their own contracts or Crypto tokens.

End goals of the course:

  • Your token/coin floated on Ethereum Blockchain that you can transfer to anyone
  • Your trading strategy implemented and the profit loss
  • Your Python blockchain on Azure Notebook

You will also be eligible to earn a digital badge with (Optional)

What you'll learn in this blockchain class:

Introduction to Blockchain 101 Course introduces the concepts of blockchain using games played on paper which is then implemented into a simple Python code (under 50 lines). Also introduces the users about the mechanics of smart contracts on solidity that are implemented on Ethereum Test net.

After attending this course you can understand and explain terms like Hash, Nonce, Mining, Proof of Work, Smart contracts, Ethereum Test Net, Distributed Ledger, etc.
We would also go through Solidity - language to write smart contract and understand basic syntax and compiler.

Note: You should come on time. Please bring a notebook for writing down notes.